Wednesday, November 14, 2007

History Created!!!

On the 10 th of November my fishing skill reach its peak and my own history just being written through out all the time of my fishing time. The 1st of snakehead (jalak@haruan) i caught on my spinnerbait lure was a moment of glory in my time of fishing... though by that time i only moving around some area with my in law... By the time we reached this area in Kota Marudu we saw that the canal had been cleared... we rush back to get our rod and when reaching the site again i cast out my lure.... suddenly with all the shock i had... my lure had strikes!!! i pull it out and it appear to be a 900 gram of snakehead! after finishing the photo shoot, i cast again and with all my shock too there is another strike!!! within time frame of 2 minutes i get 2 hook up! but after the snakehead was in sight and i try to get it out from the water, the hook suddenly loosen and the fish got away.... this was a very happy moment for me, at last the snakehead is caught by me and thank god it is a rememberable moment of life for me!!! My wife also congrats me with the catch!!!