Monday, June 30, 2008

Believe It Or Not... it's Berkley Powerbait Soft Plastic!

another Berkely Powerbait Soft Plastic catch! 900 gram sankehead.

the snakehead almost swallow all the Berkley Powerbait and clip...

time to release the snakehead...

back to the water...

the snakehead free to go... ;0)

Journey from Kota Marudu to my hometown Kota Belud it's not a boring, the scenery is quite beautiful especially during dawn where we could watch the sun down & also the scenery of the Nount Kinabalu from a distance. Yesterday i'm traveeling back to Kota Belud with my beloved wife... I stop by a spot which i had being in mind to try casting there... with the Berkley Powerbait i cast at the spot... Almost 10 minutes of casting, finaaly i got strike! a solid 1... i gave it a taste of the Berkley Powerbait 3 " gulp before i gave it a strike! then came up a 900 gram of snakehead... my wife helping me to take the photo. the snakehead almost suck in all the lure & clip... but i manage to got it back and save the snakehead... before going home, i release the snakehead back to its origin... may the fish grown up and not existing... This are the benefit of CATCH & RELEASE for our future. If we are not allowed the fish to go back to their habitat, maybe next time in the future our children and next generation wouldn't knew what fish are these snakehead? If we all keep preserve the source of our fish, we could maintain the ecosystem and keep our fish stock in good numbers! even we as anglers also could cast and cast again... Practice CATCH & RELEASE!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

15.5 " length & 8" diameter

1.3 with boga grip weighted...

my new personal record! 1.75 kg.

1.75 kg

the Bomber Bushwhacker almost straight by the fight from the snakehead!

18" length & 8 " diameter...

1.3 kg! 2nd catch of the day...

After i caught several of those snakehead at the pond i usual cast... i finally get the answer that those large 1 also strike when it 's time... while casting and chatting with my colleague, suddenly i got strike! it's a fierce strike! i use the bomber bushwhacker... i 1st try some of the berkley powerbait soft plastic... but after several cast i dont get any bite... and the water is a bit muddy... maybe the snakehead didn't seen much of the soft plastic... after a minute of fight, finally the snakehead gave off... i quickly landed it on land before it could get a dash back to water... from the boga grip, i weighted it and it reach a maximum weight of 1.75 kg! fuuhhh... finally the big 1 show up. the bomber bushwhacker almost being straight by the fight of the snakehead. i bend it back to the postion and start cast again... by only 5 minutes, i got another strike! this time it's fiercer than the first 1... this time the fight are longer than the 1 st... i retrieve it back slowly... this time it's only small a bit from the 1st one... it's only weight 1.3 kg...
I also measure the length of both the snakehead. the 1st one measure in length = 18" & 8" of diameter. the 2nd length = 15.5 " & also 8" of diameter. this are only 2 from the pond i usual cast... there is some other bigger than that... maybe someday the snakehead will bite my lure or berkley powerbait soft plastic there.
The Berkley Powerbait soft plastic also can be rig along to the bomber bushwhacker, hybrid style! i manage to catch the 1.41 kg with the hybrid combination. try it! the result is off your expectation. the combination in my opinion had triggered not only spinning of the bomber bushwhacker, but also attracted the fish to strike with the scent of the Berkley Powerbait soft plastic!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Abu Garcia Bait Casting Clinic & Intro To Berkley Powerbait

left to right : Steven / Ming / Mr Dol / Phil

some of the Berkley Powerbait soft plastic for test at the clinic.

my collection of Berkley Powerbait Soft Plastic lure.

Berkley Powerbait in my Collection for casting.

this only few of my own, would add more to this, waiting for other design
of Berkley Powerbait lure.

sorry photo too small, this is some participants with the

Han (right) giving some of the Berkley Powerbait lure

another participants.

Berkley Powerbait 3" sabertail bug

Berkley Powerbait 3" Double Tail Grub

Barramundi caught with Berkley Powerbait!

good stirke & hook up!

1st winner of barramundi caught on Berkley Powerbait.

runner up...

souveneir for participants.

Phil showing skills for Casting using bait caster.

Like this my friend... if not you will get "mee hun"
from your bait caster.

good fish with Berkley Powerbait lure.

small 1, but solid fight from the barramundi.

believe it or not, only using Berkely powerbait Soft Plastic lure!

Phil & Steven showing the Berkley Powerbait action.

participant trying to rig the Berkley Powerbait Soft Plastic.

The Banner of the day..

combo set of Bait Caster for sale...

Berkley Powerbait anyone?

Phil talk about the Bait caster...

Phil Showing how to cast with Bait Caster...

On 15th of June 2008 / Sunday, a Bait Casting Clinic organised by Pure Fishing Malaysia was held on Rikaraya Fishing Park. The main course was the intro to Bait Caster & Talk on Berkley Powerbait Gulp / Grub soft plastic. The event was joint organised by HANS TRADING, Kota Belud / Rikaraya Fishing Park / Pure Fishing Malaysia. The speech on Bait Caster & Berkley Soft Plastic was given by Phil & Steven of Pure Fishing Malaysia. Although i've seen before the bait caster and knew about it a bit, this clinic had shown me the real and more about the bait caster from the casting point, maintenance, the pretty much ways of cast and the benefit of using it as our angling weapon. The event also sell some combo set of bait caster with promotion price, as well as the Berkley Powerbait soft plastic product. I've not in cash that time, can't afford to buy the bait caster set, but, in the future i will bought a set and had a try with it... i've seen the bait caster are easy to handle if we're familiar with it. we could cast out to the point of our target and could cast straight to the fish area by only a cast... 1 chance to the point of big fish and we dont want to loose some big fish right?

After the Bait Caster talk, Phil & Steven introduce the Berkley Powerbait soft plastic lure. Some of the attendant knew about it, especially myself. and some are new to the lure. The Berkley Powerbait soft Plastic comes with some new product which had the scent of the lure and disperse through in water to attract the fish. These scientific soft plastic lure came in variety of type, some like worm, sand flea, bait fish, crabs, and many more. These kind of lure could be presented in many ways, jerking, slow retrieve, stop & go, hitching, jerking and you could do your own trick with it. As long as the lure is in the water, the chances of strike is more, some fish even strike whenever the lure drop in the water. The Berkley Powerbait Soft Plastic can be used either in freshwater or saltwater, the Berkley Powerbait also bio-degradable and not polluting the water if its lost in water. i myself had tried a lot of these Berkley Powerbait soft plastic product, and i've catch and hook up a lot of snakehead from it, even Marble Goby also attracted to the Berkley Powerbait lure. Fish of saltwater already proven in this event where some of the Barramundi in the pond caught with these Berkley Powerbait lure. From the event many of the angler beggining to get confidence with the Bait Caster & the Magic of the Berkley Powerbait Soft Plastic Lure.

By the end of the event, some participants get some souvenier as well as the 1st 3 angler which caught fish from Berkley Powerbait Lure. I also had some souveneir from Phil & Steven, which is the Berkley Powerbait Soft Plastic product and i would like to say that it was very meaningful for me. I trusted these Berkley Powerbait soft plastic lure, and why dont you? try it out and you will feel and know that by using these Berkley Powerbait lure is not a waste but it's a FANTASTIC LURE to have in any anglers box.

I would also like to thank Han (owner of HANS TRADING) for the event, as well as Mr. Dol the owner of RIKARAYA FISHING PARK for the great event. If this or other event conduct in the future, me, myself would be the 1 to be register 1 st.

to all other anglers out there, be sure to try the BERKLEY POWERBAIT SOFT PLASTIC LURE!

Monday, June 16, 2008

snakehead strike ???

1 kg snakehead with the lure beneath...

front view of the lure stuck beneath the mouth...

side view of the Bomber Bushwhacker lure and the snakehead...

i went back to the pond by the road side i always do my casting trip... but this time after half an hour, i try back the Bomber Bushwhacker lure... with a fast retrieve i cast aorund some point in the pond... about 5 cast... suddenly i feel some weight on my lure and i strike it! not a strike on my lure but only some weight suddenly hit... then to my surprise a 1 kg snakehead hooked up to the Bomber Bushwhacker... after landed it, i take a good look of it and to my surprise too, the hook didn't come out of the mouth but beneath the snakehead mouth... i really dont know how does it gone through beneath, maybe the snakehead just following the spinner and get hook on beneath... it's my luck too, i guess...

Another Berkley Powerbait Magic!

after a week of vacation, i finally got back the strike of

Berkley Powerbait 3" grub...

these Berkley Powerbait Soft Plastic works on every cast!
not a waste of money to buy these Berkley Powerbait SP Lure....

After coming home from Penang (family vacation) i really miss out the casting time i had left for a week... due to the adversed wheater i only manage to go around the routine port i had cast before... this time the water a bit muddy and only few of those snakehead rise, small but i give it a try... After several cast around the area, i finally got strike, the strike seems like a huge 1... after some second i've waited. i finally gave it a strike! the snakehead just drove off from its spot like torpedo... and i pull it up it is only a small 1... the Berkley Powerbait Soft Plastic really does it works to trick these snakehead although in a bit muddy water... i think the swimming action of the Berkley Powerbait Grub / or those from Gulp as well as the scent of these lure made it really work with our malaysian salt water or freshwater fish... if you guys out there still thinking of any lure to use, i would like to suggest to you all that BERKLEY POWERBAIT SOFT PLASTIC is really a good, productive and excellent lure for fishing or casting... don't believe it? try it out and say the words after you've tried it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

back for good!!!

Small, but good sign of the snakehead not extinct...

the snakehead caster logo of MFN.

After the small drain i first catch my snakehead on lure being poisoned... finally, i saw some of it taking breath in the water... this is a good sign... i try again casting the spot used to be my history spot. Finally after several minutes, i got a strike... smooth but rough... i strike back and there the small 1 snakehead jump out of water and i quickly land it... small but pretty rough the way the snakehead fight trying to let of the hook... it's good to had our water here in Malaysia to be kept clean and fish would be taking care by CATCH AND RELEASE method. If we all practice this method, maybe everyday we could see the fish, and as well for our future generation... please CATCH & RELEASE for our fish stock conversation...