Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Latest catch from my trip.

my 1st "TILAPIA" on soft plastic!

my bonus catch "TILAPIA" with berkley grub.

clay 3rd catch of the day!

clay 2nd catch...

clay 1st catch on inline + berkley grub...

my only snakehead catch yesterday... 29-12-08

all the catch from yesterday short trip..

the 800 grams of snakehead...

from my in law pond at my wife village.

the berkley black grub loose after landed the snakehead.

Merry Christmas to all! & A Happy New Year 2009!

On the christmas eve i didn't go any casting trip. But on the 28 / 12 / 08 & 29 / 12 / 2008 I went for a short trip to a pond near my wife house in Kota marudu & My friend, Boyd, pond at KG Popok Kota Marudu.

On the 28 / 12 / 2008, i tried out the pond belong to my in law at my wife village. the pond are large and also had some of the snakehead there. i use my berkley powerbait grub with a liitle spray from the spray scent. only for about 5 cast onwards, when i rest the sp on the bottom for a while, suddenly when i just move it and came a strike! the snakehead try to run away with its prey. but not for long i strike back and the snakehead jump out of water. i controlled it before i landed it in. its a large 1 too! i weighted it and precisely it weight for 800 grams! maybe on another evening i would like to go for this pond again. still got some larger 1 there.

On the 29 / 12 / 2008, i contacted my friend Boyd. asking if he is free to bring me to his in law pond at KG Popok. I sms to clay if he wanted to join, surely he reply quickly with a happynote to knew that its a new pond to him to visit here. we went to pick Boyd at his home and drive to his pond. the wheater is not good, but the quality of the water still maintain well. we cast for only a short time of 1 and a half hour. Clay manage to get his catch first, before i get mine. Clay using his inline spinner + berkley grub had manage to catch 3 of the snakehead and i only got 1. But to my surprise, when i was ready for a last cast, suddenly there a smooth strike pulling my berkley grub. i retrieve it back slowly, and to my surprise its a strike from a TILAPIA fish. Wow! a bonus catch of tilapia today! then it was starting to rain again and we pack home. Maybe some other time we would like to stay for a day at Boyd's pond.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Another Berkley Powerbait Catfish Atrractant Potion Pour Magic!

Catch & Release!

the 600 gram - 700 gram of snakehead.

the snakehead with the berkley potion pour & the strike king spinnerbait.

The spot i visited today are the spot that still new to me... but i've tried few times here and still only had 1 catch on this spot... today the water are good and i reach my strike king spinnerbait + a drop of the Berkley Powerbait Catfish Potion Pour. i cast for almost half an hour and still no sign of any strike from the fish. then i shift my position to the upper side of the small drain. when i was retrieving my lure on a spot near an edge... suddenly came a strike from no where... it grabs the lure and try to run away, but the line was near from me and the snakehead flew out of water. high and almost the same height with the bank i've standing. 2 meter there is from the jump of the snakehead... the weight of the snakehead is aroung 600 gram - 700 gram. after some photo shoot, i release the snakehead back to where it came from. hopefully it will grow and populate more of its fries there...

Monday, December 22, 2008






This are the most remarkable achievement of the year for me when my 1st article on the snakehead being publish in the 87 Edition of " SIRIP " magazine. After this i would also be writing for more article to post in the magazine. hopefully the year of OX next year will gave me more "ONG" !!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


the port i try out today...

the 2nd strike had rip off my bomber bushwhacker
skirt from its head...

another view of the port...

self taken photo with my catch today!

the catch of the day!

POTION POUR! try it out!

Today i was on my way to a new spot i've spotted at noon. This time the water are in good motion. and there were some rise from the snakehead. But only this time i pick the BERKLEY POWERBAIT CATFISH ATTRACTANT POTION POUR that i've seldom use. I pour a drop onto my bomber bushwhacker spinnerbait colorado blade. and another drop on the colorado blade itself. i cast to the sight i had seen a rise... 1st cast no strike, 2nd cast, still silent, on the 3rd cast suddenly my lure being bite! strike! i quickly pull it up and there is my catch for today. a 400 - 500 grams of snakehead landed. there were some children playing around and they also amazed with the lure and the ways to catch these snakehead. then i continue my cast to the small drain upwards. on a sectionof the drain, i cast out my lure, there is strike on the 1st attempt, wow! what a good results, but maybe not the catch to be, the strike loose and the snakehead got away. feww... what a miss! then i saw the skirt of my lure being pull out of position, and i quickly put it back and reach another bomber bushwhacker green colour with leaf blade. i cast towards the same spot, and not to my shock. its strike back, and not a good strike this time. only bubbles came up to the water. then after that i only got few miss strike and i went back early. the BERKLEY POWERBAIT CATFISH ATTRACTANT POTION POUR also a good scent to pour at your lure, be sure to try it! ;o)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SABPOLO flying frog!

the 300 gram - 400 gram of snakehead!

solid strike plus solid hook up...

my baitcaster getting another catch again!

catch and release whenever possible!

Today i went to a usual place where i always cast for the snakehead at Tandek area... this time i try out again my baitcaster set with the SABPOLO flying frog that i've added a propeller to its front. i cast around the area. cast through the side & also some weedy area. after about 10 minutes, i cast my lure again to the corner of the small drain, retrieving it medium fast, suddenly in a blink of eyes, a snakehead come out from its hiding and strike the sabpolo lure! 1st strike its a hook up solid to the upper side of its mouth. this were the 1st catch from the sabpolo flying frog. the fight wasn't long enough. i pulled it up when the snakehead getting tired. the hook was stuck through the upper mouth and i have to use a plier to get it out. then after some photo shoot, i release back the snakehead to the drain where it came from. hopefully the snakehead will grew more and populate more there. next time i would came again to this place. ;o)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


the size of the snakehead around 500 gram - 600 gram.

self taking photo with timer, no camera man...

my bomber bushwhacker was seriously taken by the snakehead...

the spot where i caught the snakehead with
sight casting from the snakehead rise.

Today, i went back to the placed where i got my 1st snakehead on lure. the site was cleared weeks ago... and the water are still muddy during this rainy season. i thought i would not getting any catch today. i cast around the area and although the water are muddy, i still can see some other fishes rise. i'm waiting patiently for the rise of the snakehead... suddenly, after 10 minutes, i saw a rise on the edge of a culvert inlet. i quickly cast my bomber bushwhacker behind the rise, letting it fall deep i began to retrive my lure. in my shock, only 2 round of retrieving i got a huge and hard strike! i strike back to make sure the hook are pin well inside the mouth of the snakehead. the snakehead gave me a good fight. only about 30 second then i saw its rising. but the fight still going on until i brought it to the side of the small drain. fuuhhh... what a relieve when i got it up to land. a solid and fit body of the snakehead. my lure also getting more damage after the fight, the frame are getting more unaligned and the frame almost pulled to straight. i really shock with the fight from the snakehead, only weight around 500 grams - 600 grams. this are the first ever snakehead in this size i caught gave me a very good fight till the end.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bomber Bushwhacker steal the action today!

good size of 700 grams!

my bomberbushwhacker was straighten & missaligned
by the strike...

the snakehead caught my lure ferociously!

Today, i went to the spot of the usual pond at cly's village for snakehead hunting again. this time i use the spinnerbait of strike king. After several cast & miss strike i got from the snakehead there. i save back my strike king spinnerbait and i set up the bomber bushwhacker spinnerbait with colorado blade. i was try to lure out the snakehead with the huge vibration from the colorado blade. this time i got strike just before i want to pull back my lure from the edge of the water. the snakehead trying to steal my lure with a ferociuos strike! but i manage to settle down with the strike and with clay helps, we pull up the snakehead. a good sizes of snakehead measuring 700 gram to scale. but my bomber bushwhacker lure was pulled almost straight and a part of it also unlined by the strike! after realigned the frame of the spinnerbait, i tried it back, and its just going back to its presentation. only the first cast after the catch my spinnerbait got huge strike again. this time the snakehead trying to runaway, but maybe not a solid strike, when i strike back it doesnt hook up. maybe just a single catch today. ;o)

Friday, December 12, 2008


the strike king again with the power of
berkley spray scent!
the size about 500 gram only...

good photo catch by the help of clay.

Today myself & clay, repeat again the pond yesterday... this time its a good sunny day, and the water are fine and this could be a good time for hunting the snakehead! i reach back my strike king spinnerbait, spray it with the berkley spray scent... i cast around the pond, and suddenly i saw a snakehead rise. i cast to the back side of the rise and retrieve back my lure on the spot, suddenly a big strike came in! i fight back, the snakehead try to runaway to the side of the pond... i control it and at last i landed it in. the weight of the snakhead is around 500 gram, but the strike are good!

but today, clay had strike a snakehead out of the water and fly high before hitting a coconut tree and landed inside the padi farm... search was made, but nevertheless, the snakehead are on its way to paradise... never mind clay, you just set a record of flying snakehead! ;o)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Berkley Powerbait Power! + Bomber Spinnerbait!

the bomber lure for today catch!

500 gram of snakehead, good fight!

Today, i went to a new pond with clay. this pond are his friend pond. clay with his inline spinner + berkley powerbait grub again with a first catch! its a large one, weighting around 800 gram. then shortly after that clay got his 2nd catch, this time the snakehead had swallen half of his inline. i didnt use any spray today because i want to try my other lure that had long being not getting any catch. i reach back to my lure case and i pick the black colour of Bomber spinnerbait with single colorado blade... after several cast around the pond, i move to another pond, this time the pond had some isle around it. i cast the bomber lure right by the isle, as i start to retrieve the lure, a hard strike hit the bomber bushwhacker! i reply it with a jerk and i landed the snakehead weighting around 500 gram only. at last the bomber lure got another catch for me again!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TAG TEAM of Berkley Powerbait !

my catch with spinnerbait of strike king and a spray
from the berkley powerbait nightcrawler scent!

nice catch of 600 gram snakehead...

clay catch! just after my catch... with berkley powerbait white grub.

the inline spinner rip off from the ring, almost runaway to a
drain after snag...

Today, i cast with clay at his village pond. just nearby his home. a pond that are not attended much by its owner. we started our casting at 4:30 pm. i use my strike king spinnerbait + scent spray from the Berkley Powerbait nightcrawler. after about several cast, i got a strike, but i gave the snakehead too much time and loose the strike. what a waste... then i plan to jerk upon the next strike by not giving time for the snakehead to loose. then on a edge of the pond i cast out again the spinnerbait, and this time 1st strike and i reply it with a jerk to hook it up solid! yes! finally a catch from the pond that i've visited several time with clay. after photo shoot and measuring the weight ( 600 gram only ). i rest a while and ask clay to get his catch, then to my concern he did right on the 2nd cast and hook up also the same size & weight of my catch. what a tag team it would be. clay using his inline spinner + berkley grub ( white ). tag team also for berkley powerbait SP & scent spray. next time we will cast again at this pond. still got some larger snakehead there!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Berkley Powerbait Spray Scent! keep up catches!


the medium size of snakehead...nice fight1

the snakehead weighted around 600 gram - 700 gram.

the spinnerbait lure that i spray with Berkley powerbait Spray scent
night crawler.

After finishing all my holiday work at home... i went out for a short casting trip around my home area... just to try out some of the lure i bought yesterday at k.k... after going for 2 spot, i finally go for a usual spot in front of a housing... i cast out my strike king spinnerbait & also not to forget to spray it a bit with the Berkley Powerbait nightcrawler spray scent... after few cast around the pond, finally i got a strike! on the first hand, i think its loose, but after i try to strike it back, yes! solid hook up with the 600 - 700 grams of snakehead... after taking photo and detach the hook, i release it back to the pond. Hope it will grow up bigger and populate more of its species.

This was a good results from the Berkley Powerbait Spray Scent Formula!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

berkley powerbait spray attractant power!

1st catch using the berkley spray onto my lure...

this 2nd catch are top water flying frog...

almost dark i take this photo...

this 1st catch was shocking me with its strike! hard strike!

i was on my way to try on the spot yesterday to try again if there are any snakehead yet around the area... i bring along my berkley attractant spray and spray it onto my strike king spinnerbait. for only about 15 minute of casting, i got a huge strike, think its a large 1, but came up only a small size 1 weighting around 300 - 400 gram... good strike! and the snakehead are fat there! another 1 came striking my lure at almost dawn, my flying frog that had serve me well given me the 2nd catch of the evening. solid hook up inside the mouth of the snakehead and both of the catch i release back to its natural home.