Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Again...! More results!!!

400 gram

Latest catch 500 gram.

my new grip, easy to use...

catches with my Fenwick + Abu Garcia 3000 reel

another 2 latest catch!!!

this time i came alone by the evening of 28-01-2008... my target is to break my new record as well as setting a new record!!! foronly a short time of casting, i manage to catch 2 medium size snakehead. a 400 g & a 500 g. good, but still doesn't break my newly set record! this same spot give me more chance to go for a 2kg++ this is real, because when i cast yesterday, a big splash off the water, i saw a larger snakehead swim off... oh my god! this is a large 1...

in instant, i knew i would manage to catch the bigger 1, this is my new set of target in my fishing career. for all the credits, i had learn a lot of fishing casting skill throughout forums and friends... thanks a lot guys!!!

wait for my next catch!!!

Same Spot, More Results!!!

this is a 400 gram


Good posing, new record 700 gram

the 700 gram with the lure not letting go!
the record to be break!!!

On the evening of 26-01-2008, i went back to the same spot i catch my first 'jalak'. it was after a drizzle rain. Some say taht these snakehead find their prey during rain or after rain... hmmm... this situation is quite good for me. reaching the spot with a mountain of hope, i cast and practises every skill of casting that i had learn either from friend or from the Malaysian Fishing Forum Forumer.

After casting for about 5 minutes, suddenly my BOMBER BUSHWHACKER got strike, and from the fight of the fish it seems not big either, than i landed my next snakehead, a 500 gram. I then cast again from a diffrent spot, just my lure reach the water, a sudden strike happen and i got strike again!!! this time the snakehead give me a fight!! its run to left and right..!!! i manage to control the run, by 5 minutes of fighting, i at last catch my new record!!! this time a 700 gram!!!

after the second 1, i finish off my short trip of casting. maybe next time i will come back, but maybe on a very short time!!! i can't wait to catch a larger 1 and break my newly set record!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Latest Catch!!!!!

cikgu jifat casting....

Afui catch with Soft Plastic / Berkley / fish = "ketutu"

My catch yesterday.....

although it's quite a small 1 but surely it gives me a lot of excitement in casting!!!
After a long period time of waiting and casting around my home town, at last i had a fresh catch yesterday with my friend at a wild pond in Tempasuk 2. This time we go around 3 pm and end off at 6 pm. Only manage 2 catch yesterday and its opening ceremony for my newly buyed casting set that had cost me a lot on this hobby, hopefully it will be a worth hobby for me as i also planning for the future of this hobby. My friend casting yesterday is Afui, Cikgu Eddafi & Cikgu Naim. Only i and Afui manage to catch fish yesterday. Mine is Snakehead & Afui catch is "ketutu" in chinese we called it "sun hock". Wait for my next updated blog... maybe there will be a lot more of sport fishing from me!