Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hybrid Berkley Powerbait + Bomber Bushwhacker!

almost... almost 2.0 kg.

the new record of mine! 1.95 kg! of snakehead.

the small snakehead i caught with the hybrid combination.

the hybrid of Bomber Bushwhacker + Berkley Powerbait 3" gulp

20.5 inch in length & 9 inch in diameter.

the measuring of the snakehead...

today i went back to the pond as my usual port... this time i try the combination of hybrid Berkley Powerbait Soft Plastic + Bomber Bushwhacker... i got strike but this time only the small 1 taken strike of the hybrid i used... but the Berkley Powerbait soft plastic was lost in action after the snakehead strike! i also try my luck again with the bomber bushwhacker with colorado blade and black colour... after several cast through the pond, suddenly i saw a rise by the edge of the pond... i cast over the spot and retrieve it pass through the rise area... 1 cast... 2 cast... 3 cast... 4 cast... 5 cast... and finally the snakehead strike after 6 cast at the spot... the fight was good... i take 2-3 minutes to land the snakehead... i weighted it with my grip and finally it's heavier a bit from the last 1 i caught on monday! only 0.05 kg heavier... now my new set record was 1.95 kg! i brought it back because my friend had requested from me the snakehead for medical purposes... before i landed the small snakehead with the hybrid combination, i also had similar strike when i first got my 1.41 kg snakehead in my home town... try it out... the hybrid combination got a lot more advance with the Berkley Powerbait attach on... ;o)

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