Friday, September 5, 2008

estate port! much happening of snakehead strike!

this 1 also like the combination of the inline spinner!
and Berkley powerbait grub

around 400 gram - 500 gram

strike & run! but i manage to control its run...

photo a little blur, but the snakehead still striking the berkley powerbait

by only retrieving the lure by the side, this snakehead strike and try to get away with the lure.

the snake strike and try to run away from the edge of water...

2nd catch of the day using the newly paired ofmer inline spinner with Berkley Powerbait!

this one strike and pulled out straight my line... good fight & good feel...

1st catch using the inline spinner combination with the Berkley Powerbait
soft plastic

the snakehead attracted to the spinning motion of the inline spinner

small size, about the size of my thumb!

maybe the snakehead like to strike for everything that drop by its area...

this port i found around kota marudu area... this port are safe from any disturbing people which would had netted all the fish or even poisoned the pond or water way... after few attempt on this very happening port... i catch various sizes of the snakehead & also in various weight of the snakehead there... only i still didnt catch the king snakehead there... from the smallest as my thumb size to the 500 gram size... all the snakehead are a good fighter! these wild snakehead could make you shock with its strike... almost drop my rod once when i use the top water lure, the strike was sudden and the fight of the snakehead are coragiuos, but its loose when i try to hang it up out of the water...

lure i've been using now, consist of very much the BERKLEY POWERBAIT soft plastic. these plastic lure had given me more catch and more excitement during my snakehead hunting. other is the spinnerbait, lure, top water lure... even now i'm getting good results with the combination of the inline spinner + BERKLEY POWERBAIT soft plastic. the jerking and spinning of the inline given the attractant become more and the cost of mixing 1 is cheap... so we might not be very sad if the lure is snag or snap off... all the snakehead at this port i release after my casting session... 100 % of catch & release!

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