Monday, January 14, 2008

Latest Catch!!!!!

cikgu jifat casting....

Afui catch with Soft Plastic / Berkley / fish = "ketutu"

My catch yesterday.....

although it's quite a small 1 but surely it gives me a lot of excitement in casting!!!
After a long period time of waiting and casting around my home town, at last i had a fresh catch yesterday with my friend at a wild pond in Tempasuk 2. This time we go around 3 pm and end off at 6 pm. Only manage 2 catch yesterday and its opening ceremony for my newly buyed casting set that had cost me a lot on this hobby, hopefully it will be a worth hobby for me as i also planning for the future of this hobby. My friend casting yesterday is Afui, Cikgu Eddafi & Cikgu Naim. Only i and Afui manage to catch fish yesterday. Mine is Snakehead & Afui catch is "ketutu" in chinese we called it "sun hock". Wait for my next updated blog... maybe there will be a lot more of sport fishing from me!

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