Wednesday, May 21, 2008


1.4 kg snakehead

Soft Plastic of Berkley Powerbait!
snakehead 1.1 kg... 2nd catch of the day.

Berkely Powerbait rule!

small time marble goby!

After Pitas, i finally got a chance to invite my friend to the pond belong to ah chai to cast for these snakehead...

my friend cikgu Eddafi, cikgu Naim, Ah Fei, Andy Choo & Min arrived on the spot by 2:45 pm... by the time they arrive i already manage to cast 2 snakehead weighting 1 kg ++ they seems so excited and cast ASAP.. although there were strike but no solid hook up... my friend try a lot of lure, from soft plastic to hard lure... only cikgu Edaffi manage to catch 1 small size marble goby... Andy loose 1 snakehead after he think his Bomber bushwahcker spinnerbait was snagged... in sudden he try to pulled it out and came jumping out from the water a medium size 1... this is his first trip using artificial bait for fishing and casting... its a good trip too that i could share the spot with my friend... for all of them, maybe the day is not their luck! patient... someday we all had our luck in these kind of fishing...

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