Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boyd pond, Kg Popok Kota Marudu, Sabah.

background of Boyd pond, kg popok, kota marudu...

950 gram snakehead...

After trying to ask from my friend @ ex colleague, Boyd... he finally take me to the pond belonging to himself at his father in law farm... fuuhhhh... the pond there is so many that i could not even cast on every 1 of it... but seems that the pond there is quiet... i try my luck, and my luck also give me another snakehead to share here... around 950 gram the snakehead giving a good fight... i use the green 1 soft plastic from Berkley Powerbait... and these soft plastic become the favourite on my casting now... i only manage to cast about 1 1/2 hour... maybe next time Boyd could bring me again there... the snakehead i ask Boyd to keep it, i only want to fish and casting and photo... thanks my friend Boyd!!!

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Phil said...

Hi Ming2elly,

Cool fishing bro. I am Phil from Pure Fishing and am glad to learn that you're a soft bait user. Happier to know that you are catching a lot of fishes on soft bait.

Do email me at as we would like to hear from you. Any possibilities of fishing with you in Sabah?