Friday, August 8, 2008


the large size of death snakehead...

some other snakehead and fish death..

the water seems like being poisoned!

another good size of snakehead also died...

all the dead fish was scattered all over the pond..

the morning i arrive to work i notice this pong as my refular spot was being channelized and the water pour out from the channelized culvert... and 1 more thing even saddened me... all the fish was dead! i am really shock with the scene... i take some photo and i check the water quality... seems like it was being poisoned! some snakehead even could reach a 2 kg mark was dead! all the fish floating all over the pond... very cruel thing these whoever done the poisoned to the pond! i get my camera and take all the photo of the surrounding and the dead fish...
after i taken all the photo, i made a report to the fishery department here... along with the photo i got... hopefully they could check the water quality and do something about it. very sad to see this kind of human destruction to our nature and the fish habitat... hopefully after anybody seeing this photo i taken and the destruction of the fish habitat, no more of this action be done anywhere else... please preserve our fish stock and their own habitat... please catch and release for the future!

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