Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snakehead After Snakehead!

Clay 2nd catch... just loose the hook when landed...

berkley grub lost again after the snkahead stirke!

1st cast & 1st catch! Clay are getting better with the snakehead casting!

After yesterday trip, myself & Clay met again at Kota Marudu, and we are going cast for the snakehead again at Tandek area. the open earth drain was cleaned last week & saw some rise of the snakehead, but only some few small 1... this time Clay also got 2 catches! 1st & 2nd catch almost the same spot... only this spot had being netted for almost evereyday from its clearing cycle here... very sad to saw some net around the area, which are trying to catch all of the fish here! Please everyone, practice CATCH & RELEASE for our future! if not all the fish of our native will be going extinct!

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