Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Keep on going!

latest catch from my baitcaster set!

small snakehead only... release it back so it can grow bigger & get populate more!

After few days without any catch, finally today my luck is back! i just going back to some of the natural habitat of the snakehead as alos my usual port... my target are practising the baitcaster reel... after i cast the whole stretch of the earth drain, suddenly my bomber bushwhacker got strike! i guess it already, its a small 1... but good enough to made my day complete with the catch, my bomber lure also not getting any catch for a while after this catch!
perfect catch but almost drop the snakehead back to the water if i'm not getting it out quickly from the water, the shaking from the snakehead just when landed on soil had detach the hook of the bomber lure from its mouth... ffuuhhh... just in time... if not i will not getting any photo from it... wait for my next catch!

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cayalah bos!ni buat aku smangat pg k.b ni..hari2 tgk kalender