Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Berkley Powerbait! Never Let Me Down!

good catch of 700 gram snakehead!

berkley powerbait 3" grub made the catch!

good size too... but a little bit thin on the body...

Another catch today from the berkley powerbait grub! this time i started to cast with some top water lure... but no reaction from the snakehead at the road side pond on way to Pitas... after that i reach back my bag, and started to hook the 3" Grub of berkley powerbait! this time i hooki it weedless due to the snag area around the pond...

after several cast from left to the right area, finally i got a strike! the bubbles coming out from the water and seems lika a big 1! then i let it take the berkley powerbait grub for 5 second... then i jerk it a bit to make sure the hook are fit to the snakehead mouth... don't ever think of a short fight with the rare snakehead, the strike just started the snakehead fight till the edge of the pond! i pull it up before unloose the hook... sure its a big one! i weighted it until i back to my office... 700 gram are the mark for my catch today!

surely i could say that the berkley powerbait soft plastic never let me down until the last choice of it still make me happy with my casting trip! watch out for my next catch! wait and see!

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MIZLAN DARKARTCASTER said... yang buat aku cemburu n tak sabar dtg k.b ni bos...aku ni dah masuk 2 minggu xda tangkapan...lgpun kt sek bz dgn program spm...arrrrgahh..xdpt casting...cayalah bos!jalak tu wow!