Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snakehead Of K.B !

Mr. Wong with the catch !

a gift from Mr. Wong... Thanks a lot!

the size compare to my set...

the snakehead with the bomber bushwhacker spinnerbait !

practice catch & release !

Today its a pleasure to cast with a new firend of mine... Mr. Wong TW. he came from k.k just to had a casting session with me & learn more about casting with soft plastic lure!

i bring Mr. Wong to the spot of PLKN there... we cast our lure over the spot with variety of lure & techniques.

then when all the lure was not satisfying the snakehead there, i reach back the killer lure of BOMBER BUSHWHACKER spinnerbait.

only for 5 minutes of casting with it, i got a miss take, maybe its a small one... then when the second cast to the spot, i got a solid strike with the snakehead fighting hard... then for moment it was landed in. a good size of snakehead around 500 - 700 gram...

the snakehead are the one Mr. Wong holding in the picture... and after that we finish our casting session & head home, Mr. Wong also gave me a gift of a spinnerbait! Thanks a lot Mr. Wong! next time i will cast with Mr. Wong again, maybe on other spot!

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