Friday, October 10, 2008

Snakehead again! New Spot!

small 1 after more than a week without catches!

the killer lure! inline spinner + berkley powerbait SP

After for about more than a week i've been searching for my next catch, finally i manage to catch 1 small size of snakehead at a new spot. Although the spot doesn't seems promising, i still get a try. by using the killer lure ( inline spinner + berkley powerbait SP) i cast throughout the spot and from the silent of the water came out a strike! small size, but its really a wild 1 of snakehead...

i still in search of some other new spot for my casting trip... maybe someday or other time i will found a spot that i could break my personal record of 1.95 kg of snakehead... until then, wait for my next catch!

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woi..bos best tu..aku pun ada beli inline spiner..nk try buat mcm bos la..ltk Gulp..smlm cat jgk tp 6 kali rabut..1 ekor dpt dlm 1 baru ja nk naikkan ke tebing trus terlepas..adusss...takda rezeki..ptg ni try lagi..ada port baru...ok bos tq atas ilmu2 dlm blog bos