Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Record Of 1.0 kg Snakehead!

1st catch for today...

1st catch, small one only...

Catch & Release to preserve our fish stock.

2nd catch, a 1.0 kg mark of snakehead.

this 1.0 kg snakehead give me a good fight!

my catch on 15-02-09 at the palm estate.

On 15-02-09, i went to the estate palm to try the spot there. the spot was far inside the palm area. there was a lot of small drain inside it. i try only few of it, and i got several strike & only catch a small one. but, for me, this is a good spot which can be try again next time.

today, 16-02-09 i try again my regular spot. the spot were drown in flood on January. i guess it might had some snakehead migrate into the drain. after few cast, i got a strike, only few second i landed it inland. a small snakehead. after taking photo, i release it back into the drain. then i continue my casting along the drain. got few strike but not a solid hook up. then about late in the evening, i got a big strike! this time it fights till i landed it inland. a big one, weighting accurately 1.0 kg! another record of 1.0 kg of snakehead for me for this year. after few photo shoot i happily release itback to its own nature. i dont want to take back the snakehead, because i want it to populate more and grow more of its kind in the drain. Hopefully this catch and release will gave the snakehead to grew more fries and not extinct in the drain.

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