Thursday, February 19, 2009

Snakehead heaven!

today 700 gram catch!

view with my set & lure...

Catch & Release For future!

Today, i went to my regular spot to cast for an hour. After few days of catching some snakehead here, today i hope to catch another. Just only about 10 minutes of casting, i saw a rise that the snakehead just swim in again. i cast my lure towards the rise, 1st cast was no take, then i cast for the 2nd time, this time it's strike hard! i fight back the strike, it was a tough fight too. finally i landed it inland. i measure it weight, and its weight accurately 700 gram. i am thinking of taking back the snakehead as clay was looking for it, but in my second thought if i take it back, then there will be less 1 of snakehead from the spot. then i made up my mind and i release it back to its own natural again, hope to fight it another day. then after that i only got few strike before i go home. just a catch is already good enough for me.

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