Friday, February 20, 2009

Another record set for 2009!

the new spot...

small drain gave me the small record!

as tiny as my lure!

hopefully it will grow bigger.

only size of my palm can grab...

After raining in the morning today. i didn't had quite option to cast at my regular spot. this time i went to the palm estate to try again some spot there. yet today i got a strike from the new spot i've been casting for several times already. but the popper i used did'nt hook it up although its a medium size one. maybe next time i would catch it!

then i went to the drain nearby the pond, the drain was along the palm trees. then i cast my strike king lure there. the 3rd cast had got me a strike! then i fight back, in my surprise the snakehead was a tiny one, as tiny as my lure. when i measure it, it only the size of my thumb. what a strike from this small fellow. i quickly release it to the drain and hope it would grow bigger to fight another day. the new spot will be in my list for casting again. maybe next time i would get some good results from the spot!

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