Sunday, March 15, 2009

Record set for Seahawk Mini Frog!

catch & release!

my lucky lure today!

1.1 kg! for today!

the most wanted lure for this spot!

1.3 kg from fei girlfriend's brother!

After a bad trip from the membakut toman casting trip, today i fought back to take my lure with fish again, and the target are as usual, snakehead.

A trip i arrange shortly after back to Kota Belud with Fei, were reply in turn with a YES! we went to the new port Fei discovered in his girlfriend village.

This time the killer lure were the Seahawk Mini Frog. where they got before with several 1.0 kg above of catch. i used my only 1 lure of seahawk. the spot were full of top water weeds. the lure was perfect, because the snakehead here never seen such lure being used to catch them. after an hour of casting, i still dont had any strike, until i saw Fei's girlfriend brother got a catch with a 1.3 kg mark of snakehead. i quickly got to the spot and take some photo. then i cast around the spot with hope for a catch. suddenly for the 2nd cast, my lure were taken fiercely! 1st strike miss! and the snakehead come again with the 2nd, this time feel weight on my line and yes! its a solid hook up! i fight the snakehead until the edge. the snakehead was a 1.1 kg mark! after fininshing photo with fei, we release it back to the water so it will grew bigger and didnt extinct there. what a good spot for the lure which i bought last year... few... a good results again!

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