Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snakehead, snakehead & snakehead again!

free again...!

another good results from the spot...

400 gram - 500 gram of snakehead...

tiny one, striking the lure just as it drop into the water...

Today, i visited the spot both again. this time i went to the weedy spot 1st. but the water there were drowning fast as the current was not suitable for casting.

i drove back to the spot of snakehead heaven. this time i'm using back my black bomber colorado blade. cast about half an hour when i suddenly got strike as i retrieve the lure. good strike that trying to swim into the side of the drain... not that way snakehead, i landed it in & quickly photo it before releasing it back to the spot.

at the lower part of the drain, i try cast my flying frog there, only when its reaches the water, a quick strike pull in my lure, i tighten my line and reel in. it was a snakehead by the size of the lure, what a fierce one trying to get the lure. i release it back into the larger drain, so it can have more space to get bigger!

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