Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snakehead Spot Recovered!!!

hope to catch it again when its grew bigger!

good size of 500 gram - 600 gram !

the most wanted lure & most effective for snakehead,

Today, i repeat back the same spot. But this time i repeated it from the opposite side of the drain. Since i got good results from the lower side, i want to catch if any of the snakehead were staying on the upper side of the drain.

As usual, i use my hottest lure for the spot, the BOMBER BUSHWHACKER SPINNERBAIT. and only for 3 cast, i got a strike, but only a tiny one trying to deal mya lure. then the 2nd strike came just about 5 minutes later, this time its a larger one to the 1st. Be patient, that's the motto to succed. Then i moved a bit forward, and i cast back to the upper side, only by the 2nd time the lure cross a weedy area, suddenly a huge strike came in. i hold my set and let it bite. surely this is another big one today. i quickly landed it in and the size was good, measuring about 500 - 600 gram. what a size from just a small drain.

after photo shoot, i quickly release it back, and hopefully to catch it back again next time around.

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