Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Berkley Powerbait Catfish Atrractant Potion Pour Catch!

the 400 gram - 500 gram for today catch!

my patient paid off with this catch after an hour of casting using the
Berkley Powerbait Catfish Attractant Potion Pour!

Today, i'm going back to the spot at Tandek. my regular spot & it was flooded last week. first sight on the spot i saw some rise from the snakehead. some were small and some were large... the water was a bit muddy. i reach my bomber bushwhacker spinnerbait and my BERKLEY POWERBAIT CATFISH ATTRACTANT POTION POUR. I drop only a little of the potion to the lure. then i started to cast along the drain. for about an hour of casting, i get some strike, and i lost count of it. as i was also strike some rubbish... ;o) then on a high edge of the drain, i cast towards the side of the drain. and when the lure was about 1 meter to rise, then came a strike! the snakehead capture the lure 1st, then it try to swim away. then it came my strike on the bite! it was a bit hard to get the snakehead up to my spot on higher land. finally my patient paid off with a 400 gram to 500 gram of snakehead catch! the potion pour had done its job again for helping me with the catch! until next trip, i will continue using the potion pour and the berkley spray attractant!


tbyrodney said...

bos, cuba kau try perfume CK. Tidak payah kau cast, haruan2 tu semua mesti menunggu di depan mata. hehehehee

kaki nginti said...

Berkley really works.We caught more than six catchfish weigthed 10kg++ using this potion!