Friday, January 2, 2009

Last Catch For The Last Day of 31/12/2008

the 2 snakehead for the last catch for 2008!

my last catch for 2008... a 500 gram to 600 gram of snakehead.

Today, i went to the usual pond i cast with clay. we might having hoping for a new record to break with today catch in this pond. as usual i pick my bomber bushwhacker spinnerbait + a drop of the berkley catfish potion pour. After casting for about an hour, still no sign of the snakehead. until clay got several strike with its flying frog. and finally after missing 2 strike, clay got a small 1 from the pond. then just after few minutes from clay's catch, i finally got a strike, hard & trying to run away... i strike back and the fight doesn't last for long. i landed in the snakehead and its a size of 500 grams to 600 grams only. after that only some strike that had only loose our lure. we ended the day with last catch of 2 snakehead to end the year of 2008!

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