Monday, January 5, 2009


my second catch for today! with a drop of the berkley catfish
attractant potion pour to my lure!

1st catch of my new year trip 2009!

the flying frog done its job again!

my second catch today!

After flood hit Kota Marudu on the 3rd of January, some of the drain i usual cast being flooded. this could be a good chance for some of the snakehead being drove into the spot. So i drove to the small drain that being flooded, i notice the water condition are good. and without wasting time, i reach out my flying frog and start my new year casting. about 20 minutes gone by, suddenly on a edge of the drain came up a strike! and after fighting with the snakehead, i landed it in and it weight about 300 gram - 400 gram only. after taking some photo, i reach out my strike king spinnerbait and plus a drop of the berkley catfish potion. i cast again through out the drain area. once i see a rise of snakehead and i cast towards the back of the rise, only a little retrieve it came to strike! this time its a larger 1. i quickly landed it in and the weight of my second catch is about 500 - 600 gram of snakehead. wow! this drain are populated again with fish and snakehead species. before this the drain were almost zero fish after being netted by other people. hopefully this will get the chance for all those fish grown and populate more. both the snakehead i caught, i release it back to the drain. hopefully it will grow bigger and grew more of its species! A starting to my new year 2009 catch!

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