Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another new year catch!

catch & release for our future fish stock!

another catch for new year!

with the flying frog... the snakehead only weighted 200 gram - 300 gram..

Today, i'm visiting another port that i always went to cast. i also see the spot being flooded by last heavy downpour... the water only a bit muddy and i try my luck here today... after casting along the drain until the end of it... i only got 2 small strike... then when i reach my flying frog and cast it by the water edge, suddenly i saw a movement from the side and buuussss!!! its strike the flying frog... not long enough i landed it. a tiny snakehead around 200 gram to 300 gram only. After some photo taken, i quickly release it back to the water... hope it will grow larger... then, when i was packing my stuff to end my short casting, suddenly by the other side of the drain i saw a huge rise... the size of the rise i could assume it was a larger 1, even can reach a 1 kg mark! i reach back my set and cast towards the area of the rise... but no any strike coming... after few cast i pack my things and go home early... maybe next time i will catch the snakehead there...

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