Friday, April 10, 2009

Kota Belud Snakehead !

catch with my new flying frog...!

sudden strike gave me this 500 - 600 gram of catch!

2nd catch...! also the same weight!

good strike from the middle of the big pond!

the spot...

view of the larger pond...

After receiving my new ABU GARCIA HORNET STINGER rod today. i tried it out with my new lure, Bakau flying frog added with a propeller...

1st catch i got from a small pond around the spot, the strike was good! and almost loose it to the weedy area... then i got it up. a good size of 500 - 600 gram of snakehead. then i went to the larger pond on the area... i cast towards the middle and retrieve my lure as usual, leaving out bubble and prop sound... after that on my 3rd cast, buuussss!!! a sudden strike with a loud splash from the water had strike my lure, i quickly retrieve it before the snakehead try to run into bushes... after the catch i ended the short cast with a good results to my new rod & lure...!

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