Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snakehead Again With "FLYING JOB"

1st catch at the same spot near my home...

800 gram exact...

striking hard on my lure!

2nd catch off the larger pond..

also with the new "FLYING JOB"

Today i call Fei, and ask him to join me casting at the spot near my home. Fei agree and came after 5.

just as Fei arrived, i catch a 800 gram of snakehead, this time also from the same spot and with the " FLYING JOB " so called from me.

Fei cast along with me and then after 15 minutes i catch another 300 - 400 gram... Fei help me to take the photo and then he cast at the smaller pond, this time he got 4 strike, with the last striking pulling out his line! but loose it when the snakehead trying to get to the weedy area by the side. then we went home with its getting darker. we will repeat the spot again next other time.

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