Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Latest catch from my trip.

my 1st "TILAPIA" on soft plastic!

my bonus catch "TILAPIA" with berkley grub.

clay 3rd catch of the day!

clay 2nd catch...

clay 1st catch on inline + berkley grub...

my only snakehead catch yesterday... 29-12-08

all the catch from yesterday short trip..

the 800 grams of snakehead...

from my in law pond at my wife village.

the berkley black grub loose after landed the snakehead.

Merry Christmas to all! & A Happy New Year 2009!

On the christmas eve i didn't go any casting trip. But on the 28 / 12 / 08 & 29 / 12 / 2008 I went for a short trip to a pond near my wife house in Kota marudu & My friend, Boyd, pond at KG Popok Kota Marudu.

On the 28 / 12 / 2008, i tried out the pond belong to my in law at my wife village. the pond are large and also had some of the snakehead there. i use my berkley powerbait grub with a liitle spray from the spray scent. only for about 5 cast onwards, when i rest the sp on the bottom for a while, suddenly when i just move it and came a strike! the snakehead try to run away with its prey. but not for long i strike back and the snakehead jump out of water. i controlled it before i landed it in. its a large 1 too! i weighted it and precisely it weight for 800 grams! maybe on another evening i would like to go for this pond again. still got some larger 1 there.

On the 29 / 12 / 2008, i contacted my friend Boyd. asking if he is free to bring me to his in law pond at KG Popok. I sms to clay if he wanted to join, surely he reply quickly with a happynote to knew that its a new pond to him to visit here. we went to pick Boyd at his home and drive to his pond. the wheater is not good, but the quality of the water still maintain well. we cast for only a short time of 1 and a half hour. Clay manage to get his catch first, before i get mine. Clay using his inline spinner + berkley grub had manage to catch 3 of the snakehead and i only got 1. But to my surprise, when i was ready for a last cast, suddenly there a smooth strike pulling my berkley grub. i retrieve it back slowly, and to my surprise its a strike from a TILAPIA fish. Wow! a bonus catch of tilapia today! then it was starting to rain again and we pack home. Maybe some other time we would like to stay for a day at Boyd's pond.

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wooo!simpan2lah sama jalak untuk aku casting..jgn sapu semua..mengganas betul kauorang ni