Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SABPOLO flying frog!

the 300 gram - 400 gram of snakehead!

solid strike plus solid hook up...

my baitcaster getting another catch again!

catch and release whenever possible!

Today i went to a usual place where i always cast for the snakehead at Tandek area... this time i try out again my baitcaster set with the SABPOLO flying frog that i've added a propeller to its front. i cast around the area. cast through the side & also some weedy area. after about 10 minutes, i cast my lure again to the corner of the small drain, retrieving it medium fast, suddenly in a blink of eyes, a snakehead come out from its hiding and strike the sabpolo lure! 1st strike its a hook up solid to the upper side of its mouth. this were the 1st catch from the sabpolo flying frog. the fight wasn't long enough. i pulled it up when the snakehead getting tired. the hook was stuck through the upper mouth and i have to use a plier to get it out. then after some photo shoot, i release back the snakehead to the drain where it came from. hopefully the snakehead will grew more and populate more there. next time i would came again to this place. ;o)

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