Tuesday, December 16, 2008


the size of the snakehead around 500 gram - 600 gram.

self taking photo with timer, no camera man...

my bomber bushwhacker was seriously taken by the snakehead...

the spot where i caught the snakehead with
sight casting from the snakehead rise.

Today, i went back to the placed where i got my 1st snakehead on lure. the site was cleared weeks ago... and the water are still muddy during this rainy season. i thought i would not getting any catch today. i cast around the area and although the water are muddy, i still can see some other fishes rise. i'm waiting patiently for the rise of the snakehead... suddenly, after 10 minutes, i saw a rise on the edge of a culvert inlet. i quickly cast my bomber bushwhacker behind the rise, letting it fall deep i began to retrive my lure. in my shock, only 2 round of retrieving i got a huge and hard strike! i strike back to make sure the hook are pin well inside the mouth of the snakehead. the snakehead gave me a good fight. only about 30 second then i saw its rising. but the fight still going on until i brought it to the side of the small drain. fuuhhh... what a relieve when i got it up to land. a solid and fit body of the snakehead. my lure also getting more damage after the fight, the frame are getting more unaligned and the frame almost pulled to straight. i really shock with the fight from the snakehead, only weight around 500 grams - 600 grams. this are the first ever snakehead in this size i caught gave me a very good fight till the end.

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