Monday, December 8, 2008

Berkley Powerbait Spray Scent! keep up catches!


the medium size of snakehead...nice fight1

the snakehead weighted around 600 gram - 700 gram.

the spinnerbait lure that i spray with Berkley powerbait Spray scent
night crawler.

After finishing all my holiday work at home... i went out for a short casting trip around my home area... just to try out some of the lure i bought yesterday at k.k... after going for 2 spot, i finally go for a usual spot in front of a housing... i cast out my strike king spinnerbait & also not to forget to spray it a bit with the Berkley Powerbait nightcrawler spray scent... after few cast around the pond, finally i got a strike! on the first hand, i think its loose, but after i try to strike it back, yes! solid hook up with the 600 - 700 grams of snakehead... after taking photo and detach the hook, i release it back to the pond. Hope it will grow up bigger and populate more of its species.

This was a good results from the Berkley Powerbait Spray Scent Formula!

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