Monday, December 15, 2008

Bomber Bushwhacker steal the action today!

good size of 700 grams!

my bomberbushwhacker was straighten & missaligned
by the strike...

the snakehead caught my lure ferociously!

Today, i went to the spot of the usual pond at cly's village for snakehead hunting again. this time i use the spinnerbait of strike king. After several cast & miss strike i got from the snakehead there. i save back my strike king spinnerbait and i set up the bomber bushwhacker spinnerbait with colorado blade. i was try to lure out the snakehead with the huge vibration from the colorado blade. this time i got strike just before i want to pull back my lure from the edge of the water. the snakehead trying to steal my lure with a ferociuos strike! but i manage to settle down with the strike and with clay helps, we pull up the snakehead. a good sizes of snakehead measuring 700 gram to scale. but my bomber bushwhacker lure was pulled almost straight and a part of it also unlined by the strike! after realigned the frame of the spinnerbait, i tried it back, and its just going back to its presentation. only the first cast after the catch my spinnerbait got huge strike again. this time the snakehead trying to runaway, but maybe not a solid strike, when i strike back it doesnt hook up. maybe just a single catch today. ;o)

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