Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Berkley Powerbait Power! + Bomber Spinnerbait!

the bomber lure for today catch!

500 gram of snakehead, good fight!

Today, i went to a new pond with clay. this pond are his friend pond. clay with his inline spinner + berkley powerbait grub again with a first catch! its a large one, weighting around 800 gram. then shortly after that clay got his 2nd catch, this time the snakehead had swallen half of his inline. i didnt use any spray today because i want to try my other lure that had long being not getting any catch. i reach back to my lure case and i pick the black colour of Bomber spinnerbait with single colorado blade... after several cast around the pond, i move to another pond, this time the pond had some isle around it. i cast the bomber lure right by the isle, as i start to retrieve the lure, a hard strike hit the bomber bushwhacker! i reply it with a jerk and i landed the snakehead weighting around 500 gram only. at last the bomber lure got another catch for me again!

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