Friday, December 12, 2008


the strike king again with the power of
berkley spray scent!
the size about 500 gram only...

good photo catch by the help of clay.

Today myself & clay, repeat again the pond yesterday... this time its a good sunny day, and the water are fine and this could be a good time for hunting the snakehead! i reach back my strike king spinnerbait, spray it with the berkley spray scent... i cast around the pond, and suddenly i saw a snakehead rise. i cast to the back side of the rise and retrieve back my lure on the spot, suddenly a big strike came in! i fight back, the snakehead try to runaway to the side of the pond... i control it and at last i landed it in. the weight of the snakhead is around 500 gram, but the strike are good!

but today, clay had strike a snakehead out of the water and fly high before hitting a coconut tree and landed inside the padi farm... search was made, but nevertheless, the snakehead are on its way to paradise... never mind clay, you just set a record of flying snakehead! ;o)


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wah!makin menganas kau ni bos!dah tahap pendekar mcm aku cakap dulu..wooo!tabik spriiiing kt kau bos..tahniah!baru boleh dpt gelaran...Lim Kuzo Okobo..he2