Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TAG TEAM of Berkley Powerbait !

my catch with spinnerbait of strike king and a spray
from the berkley powerbait nightcrawler scent!

nice catch of 600 gram snakehead...

clay catch! just after my catch... with berkley powerbait white grub.

the inline spinner rip off from the ring, almost runaway to a
drain after snag...

Today, i cast with clay at his village pond. just nearby his home. a pond that are not attended much by its owner. we started our casting at 4:30 pm. i use my strike king spinnerbait + scent spray from the Berkley Powerbait nightcrawler. after about several cast, i got a strike, but i gave the snakehead too much time and loose the strike. what a waste... then i plan to jerk upon the next strike by not giving time for the snakehead to loose. then on a edge of the pond i cast out again the spinnerbait, and this time 1st strike and i reply it with a jerk to hook it up solid! yes! finally a catch from the pond that i've visited several time with clay. after photo shoot and measuring the weight ( 600 gram only ). i rest a while and ask clay to get his catch, then to my concern he did right on the 2nd cast and hook up also the same size & weight of my catch. what a tag team it would be. clay using his inline spinner + berkley grub ( white ). tag team also for berkley powerbait SP & scent spray. next time we will cast again at this pond. still got some larger snakehead there!

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