Thursday, December 18, 2008


the port i try out today...

the 2nd strike had rip off my bomber bushwhacker
skirt from its head...

another view of the port...

self taken photo with my catch today!

the catch of the day!

POTION POUR! try it out!

Today i was on my way to a new spot i've spotted at noon. This time the water are in good motion. and there were some rise from the snakehead. But only this time i pick the BERKLEY POWERBAIT CATFISH ATTRACTANT POTION POUR that i've seldom use. I pour a drop onto my bomber bushwhacker spinnerbait colorado blade. and another drop on the colorado blade itself. i cast to the sight i had seen a rise... 1st cast no strike, 2nd cast, still silent, on the 3rd cast suddenly my lure being bite! strike! i quickly pull it up and there is my catch for today. a 400 - 500 grams of snakehead landed. there were some children playing around and they also amazed with the lure and the ways to catch these snakehead. then i continue my cast to the small drain upwards. on a sectionof the drain, i cast out my lure, there is strike on the 1st attempt, wow! what a good results, but maybe not the catch to be, the strike loose and the snakehead got away. feww... what a miss! then i saw the skirt of my lure being pull out of position, and i quickly put it back and reach another bomber bushwhacker green colour with leaf blade. i cast towards the same spot, and not to my shock. its strike back, and not a good strike this time. only bubbles came up to the water. then after that i only got few miss strike and i went back early. the BERKLEY POWERBAIT CATFISH ATTRACTANT POTION POUR also a good scent to pour at your lure, be sure to try it! ;o)

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